As you may have noticed, we delayed the release date of Lost Spirits of Kael from December 2014 to 2015. We are already almost half way through 2014, and we are still working on the playable demo that we want to present to you when we start our crowdfunding campaign.

It is unavoidable that we will need more time to make the game as good as we want it to be…  Please remember that up to now we have been working on the game without any funding, and exclusively during our spare time, which makes it difficult to stick to a precise planning.

 We apologise for this, but remain 100% committed to delivering you the best possible gaming experience that we can build.  We look forward to showing you the playable demo soon!

Pablo Coma & Bill Bailey

Exactly one year ago today, Lost Spirits of Kael‘s trailer was unveiled.  It quickly received amazing feedback, which greatly motivated us to push ahead with development as fast as possible.  Today we present to you a graphic showing the general state of progress of the different parts of the game.


graphic_LSoK_advancement stage_04_2014c_ld

If you haven’t seen it already, or want to view it again, here is the link to the trailer :

New Screenshots

As the playable demo gets closer and closer to completion, we are unveiling a series of new screenshots from Lost Spirits of Kael to feed your curiosity in the meantime! Stay tuned for our weekly #screenshotsaturday on Twitter, or check the screenshot page to see the latest publications.


The animation of Lost Spirits of Kael’s main character are now finished. The total of hand-drawn sprites for him is now… 781. Here is a picture showing most of them. (click to enlarge)


The bad news is that I now need to draw 781 sprites for each weapon… Come wish me good luck on our forums !

PC Gamer featured Lost Spirits of Kael in its “best PC games of 2014″ list.

We are very happy to be on this list as we work everyday to finish the playable demo as soon as possible !

And by the way, our forum is now live ! Please click on the Forum link to start chatting with us and our community.

The LSoK team

The development goes on, and we are now aiming to start a crowdfunding campaign in a few months. A successful campaign would allow us to put our day jobs aside, and to work on Lost Spirits of Kael full time (yes, we are making this game after-hours).

“Why not start it right now?”

We really want to show a technical demo of the game at the beginning of the campaing, and Bill, my teammate & programmer, is still working on it at the moment. So stay tuned, as more news about LSoK development is coming soon !

Pablo Coma

I started working on Lost spirits of Kael the september 17th 2012, just one year ago. So many things are already behind us, but the road is still long. Bill (the game’s programmer) and myself are still very busy working on the game, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line to cheer us up !


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